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The Sheepskin we use

Warmbat Australia uses 100% original Australian Merino sheepskins, the finest premium grade sheepskin pelts selected for their density, strength, and fine wool quality. The hides are tanned with the best technology available, in our factories around the world. Australian Sheepskin is a world commodity and is shipped worldwide.

Merino sheep breeds provide the best hides for footwear for many reasons. The leather side tends to be thicker and more durable, and the wool itself is very dense and retains its shape. It is soft and lightweight that has a rich suede texture on the outside and the smooth gentle fleece lining on the inside. It's the perfect material for the manufacturing of quality sheepskin Warmbat footwear, which must endure a lot, yet keep its shape and look good for years to come.

Obsession with Comfort
100% original

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