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Tradition of Quality

For more than 100 years, the sheepskin footwear has been as much a part of the Australian heritage as the cowboy boot has been an icon of the American West. And Warmbat®, with roots tracing back a third of a century, is a part of that heritage. That’s when one of Warmbat's co-founders designed the original Warmbat  sheepskin boots in 1969 that has evolved into today’s Warmbat slipper-range, thus making Warmbat one of the oldest manufacturers on the market today.

Over three decades after Warmbats were first created, our Warmbat footwear range has been enhanced with the use of modern sole materials. Yet every pair of sheepskin footwear we make resolutely preserves the quality standards for design, materials and workmanship that defined the original Warmbat and distinguish it from inferior imitations.

Consumer demand for Merino wool footwear is driven by the mystique of an authentic Australian heritage. Warmbat is the only truly authentic choice to fill this demand. Being the original places us in a unique position but it is only one of our company's strengths. Our commitment to Comfort, Quality, Fashionable Designs and Innovative Technology is the real strength of the Warmbat® brand.

Obsession with Comfort
100% original

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